Posted by: stevedawg | March 21, 2008

My Sleep Study — Part Deux

So, here I am in my office, straight from a continental breakfast after last night’s sleep study. The experience, on the whole, was pretty decent. Very comfortable bed that I could adjust for firmness, nice flat panel TV to watch the Wisconsin Badgers win in the NCAA tourney (well at least part of the game), a reasonably decent night’s sleep interrupted only a few times by staff members coming in to adjust sensors. To my surprise, I didn’t throw enough apnea to warrant them coming in to put me on CPAP, although they did an excellent job of walking me through the process before I went lights out at 10:30. I snored, but not so much as to cause great concern. All of the leads, etc., really didn’t bother me that much.

But, as they say, the limited number of apnea episodes is not necessarily an indicator that all is well. My hypnogram will be reviewed by one of the docs, a Board-certified Pulmonologist who is also Board-eligible in sleep medicine. That, in combination with my sleep history, will determine what happens next.

Odd thing: we’re having a major snowstorm today. That, combined with it being Good Friday, means a lot of people won’t be in today. But me, here I am … sitting about 150 feet away from the room where I had my study done. Might as well get some work done!

By the way, that nice breakfast was cereal, bagel, juice, and a vanilla cappuccino. Overall, not too bad.



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